Winklecard Week - 19,90€ for 7 days

Winklecard covers :

  • Boards (personal or rented),
  • Wetsuits (personal or rented)
  • Prosthesis

When do you want your insurance to start ?

Is your equipment rented :

How many persons do you wish to cover ?

Optional : reimbursement of lessons for 20€ :

Total Cost

included 1,40€ off fees
Here are the mains caracteristics of the Winklecard Day contrat. To read the full information leaflet clic here.
WINKLECARD WEEK are dedicated services for surfers (and associated sports), in all the countries of the European Union, contribution from 19,90€.

Winklecard covers :
  • Boards (personal or rented),
  • Wetsuits (personal or rented),
  • Prosthesis,
  • and Cancellation
Period of validity 7 firm and non-renewable days from the date of accession subject to the payment of the subscription.
Dedicated services for surfers, in all countries of the European Union, contribution starting from 19.90€

Board and wetsuits (personal or rented), prosthesis
Accidental dammage
Support for actual repair or replacement costs up to 600€
Covering rental costs, replacement equipment for a maximum of 7 days and for a maximum of 200€
For disabled surfer, prosthesis repair costs up to 600€

In case of total permanent disability or in the event of death following a personal accident during the surfing session or one of the sports guaranteed by Winklecard. Maximum guaranteed capital 5000€
Search and rescue expenses at sea, transport costs from the accident site to the health center and return from the health center to the place of stay during the accident. Support: 1200 € within the limits of actual expenses

Cancellation option
Covering the costs that have been borne by the Insured and invoiced by the Surf School or the equipment rental company in the event of cancellation of surfing courses or rental of ski equipment booked by the Insured and resulting from following events :

Death or Serious Illness, Accident, Hospitalization, including relapses or aggravation of previous Accident or Sickness of the Winklecard Holder, his / her Spouse, a member of his / her Family and any other person ordinarily living with him / her this. Convocation of the Winklecard holder to a university catch-up examination on a date during the internship provided that the failure of the examination is not known at the time of accession to the guarantee.
Contraindication to the practice of surfing prescribed by a doctor.
Amount of the guarantee per claim and period of validity of the guarantees: 500€.
The price, with option cancellation, includes 4.90€ of fees

7 days including the day chosen for membership subject to payment of the subscription