Winklecard is a insurance Broker. We choose insurers that provide the best insurances for watersports. In addition to insurance Winklecard provides services to make your surf session safer.


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Winklecard, insurance you can trust

Winklecard is designed by surfers for surfers. AIG (American International Group) covers the risk of your board and has partnered with Winklecard to provide the best service.

Winklecard provides comprehensive insurance to all surfers, beginners and regular riders alike.

With Winklecard, we provide surfers with the riht service


A.I.G. is the trading name for the global network for property and liability insurance of American International Group, Inc (AIG, NYSE), a leading international insurance organization, serving around 64000 partners and 90 million clients

Winklecard takes into account the diversity of those who surf

  • The occasional or frequent surfer, from beginners to experts
  • Individuals or families, who sign up for surf lessons on holiday and/or rent a board for the day, outside of lesson time
  • Surfers living far from the sea but taking every opportunity to go and catch some waves with their own or rented equipment
  • Surfers who ride all year round and go regularly on surf trips

In our experience of surfing we have noticed that insurance policies are lacking cover in regards to:

  • The costs of sea rescue in case of emergency
  • The damage of boards during transport or surf sessions
  • The damage of wetsuits during use
  • Cancellation of surfing lessons or equipment rental due to the accidental injury or illness of the surfer