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it works?

Select the scenario that matches you best.

I insure myself according to my practice.

I'm preparing for my vaccation and I plan to take surf lessons and using equipment rentals

During my holidays, I plan to learn or improve my surfing, kite-surfing or windsurfing skills, including the rental of my equipment.

When you take surf lessons, the equipment that is rented to you is not insured against breakage (only the liability of the surf school plays during your session framed). Also, if you want to surf with peace of mind, you must take additional insurance

When you are on a course, the equipment you are renting is not insured against breakage (only the school's professional liability insurance will cover you if you cause damage to a third party during your supervised session). Protecting yourself with a complementary insurance will give you the freedom to surf with peace of mind.

The Pass SurfTrip Solo provide you with coverage against accidental breakage of the board during the season. Your surf with your family, we advise you to take the Pass SurfTrip, Tribu Which enables to insure up to 9 persons.!

You will be in the European Economic Area? You can use week Card. Breakage during practice, and cancellation of medical classes is taken into account.

You travel often & rent during surf trip? the SurfTrip Solo pass allows you to be covered among others throughout the season against accidental breakage of equipment. You surf in family we can advise you to take the pass SurfTrip Tribu, which will allow you to cover up to 9 people!

Winklecard week guarantees you against breakage of equipment during practice as well as cancellation of courses for medical reasons.

I'm renting a board from a shop

I rent equipment from a shop or school.

Winklecard adapts to your location to insure you during your practice time.

1H 2H 1/2 Day day week
4€ 5€ 6€ 7,50€ 23,50€


  • Surf Board, Kite Surf, windsurf, Wake-board…
  • Neoprene
  • Search and rescue costs at sea

You rent a board in a Shop, you can assure it to the day or at week. You will be covered against accidental breakage during practice (on the water).

You regularly rent equipment in shops more than 100 km from your home, prefer the Pass Surf Trip, which insures your rentals.

I'm going surffing with my own gear

You use your own surfboard and you surf occasionally, we recommend the App Pass Surf Trip, which will allow you a complete insurance which insures both the material and also protects you if you hurt someone during your practice abroad. It also includes assistance in case of Surf Trip abroad.

Warning: the Surf Trip does not cover regular surfing near your home. (Distance from 100km minimum between usual place of residence and surfing place)

I'm going on a Surf Trip

The Pass Surf Trip is designed for you. It protects your equipment from breakage, theft, loss you benefit from a program of assistance in case of problems abroad, with possibilities of compensation of surfing, snowboarding, skate, equipment rental, lift packages in the event of cancellation due to the following cases:

* Transport/repatriation as defined in the insurance policy

* A sport injury, according to a medical specialist, preventing the practice of the activity, and on presentation of a detailed medical certificate.

* the occurrence of one of the following natural disaster: storm, hurricane, cyclone preventing you from practicing the activity planned during the stay provided that the interruption of the activity exceeds 3 consecutive days

Civil liability also protects you if you unintentionally hurt other people during your sessions.
To subscribe, choose the Pass Surf Trip. The good thing is that you are insured for a whole year, and the policy also includes coverage for your snow sessions in the mountains !

I surf in summer time, and during the winter I like snowboarding

The Pass Surf Trip Provides you with great insurance coverage for both snowboarding and surfing, benefits such as protecting your equipment, and assistance in case of problems.

To subscribe, choose the Pass Surf Trip.

I Ride near where I live

I surf, sail with my own equipment.

Winklecard allows you to insure your sessions with rented equipment: From 1h to the week. Consult our offers.

You own your board, Winklecard still can not insure you near you.

Winklecard insures the repair or replacement of your new equipment, anywhere in the world in case of breakage and without obsolescence, for the first 6 months. Contact us to let us know where you are going to buy your board so that we can help you insure it.

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