Check these 15 essential points before you go surfing in the certainty that you’re well insured.

Less than 20€ for a week. The price per day and per person is 2,90€ and for a week the flat rate is 19,90€.
In France, marine rescue operations taking place within 1640 feet of the beach are :
  • Free of charge..
  • Very often carried out by the lifeguards working on supervised beaches.
Rescue operations taking place between 1640 feet and 20 nautical miles from the coast are :
  • free of charge, if for the rescue of an individual
  • at the owner’s expense, if for the rescue of a vessel.
However, the payment of the rescue can be disputed. Town councils can demand that individuals and their dependents reimburse the costs of a rescue operation if it was due to a sport or leisure activity, on the condition that they inform the public with an appropriate notice (as explained by the government in May 2014).erve d’en informer le public par un affichage approprié (réponse ministérielle de mai 2014).'
Whichever bank card you might use, you must check directly with your bank to find out exactly what cover their water sports insurance policy provides..

Most insurance policies do not cover activities qualified as ‘Extreme Sports.

Even assuming that extreme sports are not excluded from cover, it is important either way to check if payment with the card is required be able to benefit from the insurance. Furthermore, depending on the card, it is sometimes only the card holder or only the fiscal household that is insured.
Yes, by taking the cancellation option with the Week Winklecard or the Year Winklecard, you will be refunded the unused services on presentation of an original medical certificate confirming your incapacity to participate in the sport concerned by the reserved lessons and rental equipment. The maximum refund per claim and per period is 500€.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the cancellation insurance comes into effect in the following cases
  • -Death or Serious Illness, Accident, Hospitalisation, including relapses or deterioration of previously existing Injuries or Illnesses, preceding the reservation of the lessons or the adhesion to this cancellation insurance cover (on the understanding that the date of the first medical recognition of the deterioration, evolution or relapse will be taken into account to calculate the refund) of the Winklecard holder, their spouse, a close family member of the Winklecard holder and any person living with them.
  • Pregnancy, unknown at the time of adhesion to the lessons, and which makes the reserved lessons unadvisable
  • Complications during the pregnancy of the Winklecard holder, pathological pregnancy, miscarriage, medical abortion, birth and their consequences.
  • -Second session University examination date falling at the time of the reserved surf school lessons, on the condition that the failure in the first session of exams was unknown at the time of subscription to the insurance policy.
No, in general you are already covered by the home insurance covering your housing, your children and the people living under your roof.
The Week Winklecard covers you for up to seven consecutive days. Week Winklecards also offer the option of cancellation insurance for surf lessons or surf camp in case of the illness or injury of the Winklecard policy holder, of one of their close family members or of somebody living under their roof, which prevents them from participating in the reserved surf lessons or surf camp.

Maximum amount covered is 500€ per claim and per period
With the Day Winklecard, for only 2,90€ per day, you can rent out equipment without having to leave a deposit and, in case of damage to the rental equipment, Winklecard covers the costs of repairs or replacement of the surfing equipment, up to 600€.
First of all, go on the winklecard section of the website dedicaded to claim a damage. Please up load a picture of the broken board, describe how it happened and prepare your purchase ticket and repair tick
The equipment covered by the insurance is both personal and rental equipment (Week and Year Winklecards), or only the rental equipment (Day Winklecard), used during surf sessions: boards, neoprene wetsuits and also prosthetic limbs for people with disabilities. In this way Winklecard shows its commitment to helping improve access to water sports for those with disabilities

In the case of damage caused to equipment, the costs of repairs and replacement will be covered up to a limit of 600€.
  • With the Week and Year Winklecards, whilst the equipment is being repaired we will reimburse the cost of renting out a replacement board for a maximum of 7 days and up to 200€.
You will be refunded within 10 days, if all of the necessary documents are supplied to support the claim.

**IMPORTANT: Claim processing times are given as an estimate and can be longer during busy periods.
In Europe, With Winklecard Week, you could get up to 5 000€ in case you are dead of definitivly invalid after a ride session
We have opted for simplicity and flexibility :

* different options according to your needs: 1 day, 7 days, 12 months

* all ‘waterman’ sports are covered by Winklecard, so if you switch to a different one of the activities covered during the day, the stay or the year, there’s no need to declare it

* the Cancellation option for lessons in all of the included water sports and the cancellation of equipment rental, is applicable to the Week and Year Winklecard policies

* simplified subscription. To get your Winklecard online there’s no need to create an account on the website, we just need your full name, an email address and a telephone number. Then with your bank card you’re just one click away from getting your own Winklecard.

* to confirm your subscription to Winklecard you will receive an email straight away.

* there is just one email address to contact to make a claim, so you can leave your telephone number and an adviser will ring you back for assistance.

Making a Claim (+Link)
L’association Du Flocon à la Vague, fondée en 2009 et parrainée par Bixente Lizarazu et Mathieu Crepel, sensibilise le grand public au respect et à la protection de l’eau ! Elle intervient auprès 20 000 scolaires avec son programme “Devenir Water Responsable” afin de les informer et les inciter à diminuer leurs impacts sur l’eau.

With more than 100 ‘Champions’ who make up its ‘Water Family’, it organizes sports and learning events called ‘’The Odyssey of the Snowflake to the Wave,’’ travelling across France to meet the general public and youth.

To join Du Flocon à la Vague, please click on the following link :
We determine when it was possibly bought, and have a -25% per year of depreciation since it what bought.

You get the possiblity to rent a board during the time of repair (7 days max, and limited to 200€)